Our schools (K)

The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Texas are uniques in being one of two Clubs that operate a charter school. We have two charter school locations: Texas Preparatory School – San Marcos and Texas Preparatory School – Austin.

Texas Preparatory Schools offer specialized programs, personalized attention with small class sizes, and a focus on specific themes like STEM, art, music, and sports. The schools’ flexibility and emphasis on parental involvement create a collaborative learning community. With these advantages, Texas Preparatory Schools are an excellent choice for families seeking high-quality charter education in the San Marcos and Austin areas. Find out more below!

Texas Preparatory School Pre-K program is a premier early childhood education experience in San Marcos and Austin. Our comprehensive curriculum blends academic learning with hands-on experiences, fostering a love for learning while developing essential skills. With experienced educators and a nurturing environment, we focus on holistic development, nurturing the whole child through social-emotional growth, physical development, and character building. Our engaging classrooms and parent partnership ensure a strong foundation for your child’s future academic success. Join us at Texas Preparatory School and unlock your child’s potential through an enriching and empowering Pre-K journey.