Charter Schools

Texas Preparatory Schools

Texas Preparatory Schools are tuition free charter schools that focus on developing the whole child through project based learning for grades Kindergarten through sixth. We are conveniently located on two campuses, in San Marcos and Austin. Our all day model allows students to explore music and the arts, a variety of enrichment activities, as well as a range of programs in social and emotional learning. Enrichment activities is our vehicle to teach our students the attitudes and habits required to do well not just academically but in life.

Texas Prep’s charter is held by the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Texas, which is an extension of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We are one of two charter schools in the U.S. authorized through the Boys & Girls Clubs. Charter schools are publicly funded schools that tailor programs to meet community needs. The schools are operated according to operating agreements called “charters.” School boards, state boards, local universities or other groups can organize a charter school. Charter schools meet financial needs by also receiving funding through grants and donations.

Charter schools follow these public school policies:

  • Students pay nothing to attend the academic program.
  • Any student can apply to attend.
  • A religious group does not hold the charter.
  • The school’s money mainly comes from federal, state and local taxes.
  • Students follow federal and state academic requirements, like taking the STAAR test.
  • Treatment is not based on race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, physical ability, academic ability, artistic ability or athletic ability.