Summer Camp Austin

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Let the Games Begin

Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Texas

Summer Camps

Join Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Texas for a summer to remember! Pick your location below.

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ROOTS Austin

2019 Summer Camp

Let the games begin!
June 3rd – July 26th
7:30am – 6pm
Monday – Friday


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$550/Monthly ($25 New Member Registration)

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$100/Week ($700 all weeks paid discount)

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Join ROOTS Austin for a summer to remember! This summer’s activities will include:

  • Triple Play
  • Healthy Habits
  • Academic Camps to help combat summer learning loss:
  • Summer Brain Gain:
  • Reading
  • Summer Brain Gain:
  • Mathematics
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Field Trips Include (but not limited to):

  • Local historical landmarks
  • Parks
  • Pools

Call or visit today for more details!

Directions  Register

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